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Pet Poy Production

Our PET POY line which started its facility in 2021 with the 210 tons production capacity per day, consists of 8 machines with extruders MB color dosing units. Having the largest capacity Color Filament PET POY production line in Europe, Erdem Soft Tekstil mainly uses its PET POY capacity to meet the need of raw material in its production facilities.

Our product ranges can be supplied in trilobal and round sections, raw white and MB colored.

Final 150 Den- 300 Den

Final 300 Den- 600 Den

Final 600 Den (intial 1000 Den)

In Turkey, we are the first company who produced (intial 1000 Den) final 600 Den POY. Our POY lines are fully equipped with the best and last technology Barmag Oerlikon machines which have Wings winders and Evo Quench yarn cooling systems.

Along with standard Filament PET POY yarns, Erdem Soft Tekstil produces Recyle PET and Filame Retardant POY to produce high level and environment friendly products in its plants.

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