About us

Since 1998,
we make a difference
in the yarn industry
with our innovative approach.

Erdem Soft Tekstil A.Ş. , one of the leading polyester yarn manufacturers in Turkey, was established in Gaziantep in 1998 to meet the need of the fantasy yarn in carpet and fabric weaving industries .

Over the years with its investments in polyester yarn production and the product developments, Erdem Soft Tekstil aims to strengthen its presence in the industry by having the largest capacity Color Filament PET POY production line in Europe.

With 90 white collar employees, production capacity 250 tons per day and 7500 tons per month in a closed area of 120,000 square meters, along with the domestic market we export our products to more than 60 countries

By bringing quality, fast service and customer satisfaction to the forefront, Erdem Soft Tekstil A.Ş. serves its customers with its high production capacity Dye House, Air Texturing, DTY Texturing, Twisting, Heatsetting and Chenille yarn plants.

Erdem Soft Textile Co. strengthens its position in the sector with its innovative approach, new investments that closely follow technology and continuously developing products.

Our vision

To increase growth and profitability with strategic collaborations with our innovative products by keeping our product quality at the forefront with developing technological and sectoral innovations.

Our mission

Considering the changing market conditions of the textile sector with our dynamic organizational structure, we give importance to innovative perspective is on quality, rich product diversity, while producing eco-friendly products for people, health and the environment; to provide customer satisfaction priority.

Our policy

Our participatory management approach and experienced employees are to keep our quality on production and service at the highest level and to maintain employee and customer satisfaction.