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%100 Acrylic Chenille Yarn

Mainly being used for home textile and upholstery fabric production , our acrylic chenille yarns can be produced from 1NM to 8 NM .We have acrylic yarns in Tow dyed, hank dyed and yarn dyed versions .We use the best quality acrylic from DRALON which is the Worlds best producer of the acrylic.

The acrylic fiber having specifications of high Martindale and colour fastness ,it provides usage for long years in home textile products.

Arylic Tow Chenille Yarn

As an alternative to our acrylic chenille yarn, this quality offers chenille yarn with more volume and bright effect.

Pan-Pes Chenille Yarn

Being used for upholstery fabrics and carpet production, this quality is among one of the most requested yarns because of the fact that it has high colour fastness and Martindale results.

Sport Chenille Yarn

In upholstery fabrics to get differnt touch and look by melange, we produce this chenille quality in 2 colours from 4 different dyed yarns.

Flocc Chenille Yarn

We produce this yarn in special method that we utilize to create the Velvet effect that is desired. This yarn is mainly used in upholstery production and in carpet for GOBLEN. This yarn is produced from Nm 1 to Nm 8.

Art Chenille Yarn

Althought this yarn is produced from%100 polyester, we produce this quality as an alternative to acrylic yarn to get acrylic look and effect which enables our customers to get fabrics with acrylic touch with low costs

Erpes Chenille Yarn

We produce this yarn from 100% polyester fibers. The raw material is first dyed then chenille yarn is produced. We utilize a production method that allows the yarn to appear in a natural look.Especially this yarn is used for curtain and upholdtery fabrics with cotton touch. This yarn is produced from Nm 1 to Nm 8.

Bright/Semi-Bright Chenille Yarn

The bright chenille yarn being dyed both in hank and cone dyeing have the bright polyester viscose look and is suitable for upholstery and curtain fabric production.
The semi-dull polyester chenille yarn is mostly requested for the products which has cotton look.

Ela Quality Chenille Yarn

Being produced from higher filament polyester yarn, the yarn is volumised by undergoing special process.                                                

Art Chenille With Lurex

This yarn is mainly used by carpet manufactures for carpet production.                                                                                                

Full Matt Chenille Yarn

With the 100% cotton look ,our product contains all features of cotton raw material.