Fancy Yarn Production

In our fancy yarn factory which has capacity of 400 tons per month the qualities below are being produced with the new technology fancy yarn machines;

  • For carpet producers; bright, semi-dull and full dull yarns with decorative effects
  • For tricot production; wool, polyester, acrylic, cotton and viscose combined yarn types
  • For upholstery fabric production; all kinds of flammed yarns and cotton yarn which is made of completely natural fibers
  • For the round fabric production ; the yarns in lower counts; NMs.
In our fancy yarn factory, we continue our production with;
  • 6 Lezzeni fancy machines
  • 8 Mispa fully drawn fancy yarn machines
  • 3 Fancy yarn machines with
  • 50 Crochet yarn machines
  • 2 SSM winding machines
  • 15 Twisting machines
  • 2 Thermo-fixing calderas
  • 3 Yarn twisting machines