The Dyeing House

Our dyeing house which takes part in our factory has 1800 tons dyeing capacity per month.(cone dyeing and hank dyeing)

Focusing on customer pleasure and yarn quality ,our dyeing house has the international standarts with its fully equipped ,automatically controlled colouring machines and experienced staff. The chemicals and dyes which are used in our dye house are the best qualities among their standarts in the world.

We can study and produce any colour and quality according to our customers requests and needs.

Our dye house continues its production with ;

  • 12 Cone dyeing calderas 100 kg-1800 kg
  • 6 Hank dyeing calderas 100 kg-300 kg
  • 8 Cone and hank tumbling
  • Full drying system
  • SSM soft winding machine
  • 5 Fully automatic sampling calderas
  • SSM Final winding machines